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Who Benefits from Taking Protein Powders?

While protein powder certainly does help body builders and athletes, they are not the only people who can enjoy benefits from taking protein powders. In addition to body builders and athletes, the elderly, teenagers, those recovering from surgery/illness, and vegetarians or vegans can all experience positive effects from protein powders for a variety of reasons

The Expanding U.S. Kaolin Market Size

Kaolin is a soft, white clay and due to its’ usage in a variety of products including plastics, cement, ceramics, and cement the U.S. kaolin market size is expected to expand exponentially. According to Hexa Research, the U.S. kaolin market size is estimated to be 5,403.6 kilo tons in 2016 and believes it will continue

Throwback Thursday to the Second Exposition of Chemical Industries

Sturtevant was established in 1883 so we have over 136 years worth of Throwback Thursday material and are proud to share highlights from our long history. Today, we take you back 101 years ago to 1916 to the second Exposition of Chemical Industries. The first Exposition of Chemical Industries was hosted in New York in

Importance of Protein in Aquaculture Feed

In aquaculture, feed represents 40-50% of the production costs and with protein requirements for fish ranging from 18-50%, the importance of protein in aquaculture feed is readily apparent. The percentage of required protein varies by species with tilapia, one of the most common fish raised in aquaculture, in the 32-38% range and hybrid striped bass