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Air Classifiers

Our precision particle separation and air classification solutions are designed to separate your customers materials by size and density, delivering consistent quality results every time.

Whirlwind ®

Air Classifier

Offering a significantly smaller footprint than screening separation at a much lower capital cost, the Whirlwind® is designed to process a wide variety of materials and is capable of separating powders from 100 to 400 mesh (150 to 38 microns). It is tough, durable, and flexible. A go-to problem solver.

Side Draft

Air Classifier

The Side Draft Air Classifier is a versatile, energy efficient system for consistent separation of particles in the 100 to 400 mesh range. It has a compact design built with durable wear resistant materials, and delivers consistent, high-quality product regardless of variations in feed material. The Side Draft is capable of processing both abrasive and non-abrasive materials with optional ceramic wear liners.


Air Classifier

The SuperFine advantage is the high degree of accuracy in the separation of particles from 325 to 4,800 mesh (3 to 45 microns) with very tight particle size distribution and throughputs up to 30,000 lbs. per hour. Its compact design makes it ideal for retrofitting to existing applications and is capable of both abrasive and non-abrasive materials.


Our Products

We are committed to being the premier global provider of material processing solutions for both conventional and leading-edge size reduction and air classification challenges around the world. Your success is our success and it all starts by delivering you the highest quality industrial-grade products.


Our engineered-to-order mills help solve your advanced dry material reduction, separation, and air classification challenges no matter your industry.


These heavy duty machines ensure controlled size reduction for your customers’ toughest material processing jobs.

Air Classifiers

Our precision particle separation and air classification solutions deliver consistent, quality results every time.