Sturtevant Inc.

Why you should use it, what you get, and why it’s awesome!

We encourage all of our customers to take the opportunity to visit our lab facilities and get some hands on experience and equipment operator training. You won’t be disappointed!

Customers are also encouraged to test their material in our lab. Our testing facility has jet mills, air classifying mills, pin mills, and air classifiers, many of them using variable speed controls.

We have the ability to measure low micron powders with a wet/dry laser analyzer, fine powders with wet/dry sieves, particle shape with microscopy, blaine/surface area, bulk density, and moisture content.

Customers who test at our lab reap the benefit of the expertise of our qualified lab technicians. Besides being awesome in what they do by working with you to determine which machine will best suit your needs, they will provide you with valuable observations, such as wear protection requirements and material handling recommendations.

The data from the testing is used to scale-up to production equipment and to provide performance guarantees.

Some important things you should know:

  • We are unable to accept collect shipments at our Customer Test Center. Materials sent collect are subject to being returned at your expense.
  • Sturtevant Safety Committee requires a Material Safety Data Sheet or equivalent and must be advised of any hazards involved in the handling and processing of customer’s materials.
  • We will return all the material we have received from you, including wastes, which will be packed separately.
  • For the safety of our personnel, Sturtevant Material Authorization Number must appear on outside of all shipments, or shipment will be refused.
  • Waiver of fees or credit against equipment purchase may apply and is evaluated on a case by case basis.

So if you have material you’d like to have tested, visit our lab testing page on our website here for more information about our approval process, and then contact us.