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Redefining Lithium Carbonate Roll Compaction

Komarek BH400CH

As is the case with many raw materials, lithium carbonate micronizing efficiency can often times be improved by densifying the finely sized powders into granules. The industry leading K.R. Komarek Roll Compactor has become the industry standard for lithium carbonate processors.  The Roll Compactor takes the finely sized powders and compresses them into a solid shape so that the material can then be processed more efficiently.

Compaction and granulation, while important to improving lithium carbonate micronizing efficiency, can be costly from both a capital and operational standpoint.  This is primarily a function of all the ancillary equipment that is typically needed to complete the compaction and granulation process.  In addition to the cost, there is a great deal of processing space required to accommodate all of the equipment.  A typical lithium carbonate compaction and granulation process will include: a mixer (water is added to help bind material), hammermill (compacted material is reduced in size) and screens (undersize and oversize material is removed).  All of these components add to capital outlay and operating energy costs.

New process innovations however, are now changing the way lithium processors are approaching the micronizing part of their process.  Komarek, in conjunction with their allied partner Sturtevant, have developed a streamlined approach that eliminates the ancillary equipment mentioned above and reduces the size of the needed roll compactor.  This translates into huge cost savings both from an operational and capital outlay stand point.

Roll compaction alone improves lithium micronizing approximately 15-20 percent.  Factor in the use of the Sturtevant Superfine air classifier to remove product size particles ahead of micronizing and the industry’s most efficient air classifying mill, the Sturtevant FCM mill, and you have reduced your horsepower in half.

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