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10 Reasons to Choose Sturtevant’s Whirlwind Air Classifier to Remove Undesirable Fine Dust from Aggregates

There are many reasons why an aggregate producer should choose Sturtevant to help classify their tons of aggregate material, but if we had to separate just the top ten they’d look something like the below:

  1. Cost Savings: No settling ponds, dredging or land restoration
  1. Low Capital Cost: No auxiliary equipment needed, such as baghouse, screen, cyclones, process dust collectors, air locks, or system fans
  2. Flexibility: Stationary and mobile units available
  3. Reduce Operating Expenses: Low energy consumption and low maintenance
  4. Built to Last: Proven long life span with wear resistant replaceable liners
  5. Maximize Uptime: Complete access for easy cleaning and maintenance
  6. Superpave Mixture Design: Helps provide superior performing asphalt pavements, the mix design system for the next century, and the next generation for hot-mix asphalt pavement technology
  7. Sellable Fines Product: Instant dry fines for aglime, animal feed or filler products
  8. Fine Separation: Removes 100, 200, 230 or 325 mesh fines without screens or blinding
  9. Product Selection: Capacities up to 1200 tons per hour

If you’d like to put these 10 reasons to the test to see how the Sturtevant Air Classifier can separate your aggregate material, get in touch.

Or, if you’d just like to learn more about our Whirlwind Air Classifier, click here.