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Sturtevant remains rooted in automobile technology with battery-grade lithium carbonate

Did you know? From the first automatic transmission to the latest version of electric vehicle batteries…Sturtevant remains rooted in automobile technology

The modern-day automatic transmission can be traced all the way back to 1904 when T.J Sturtevant of the Sturtevant Mill Company located in Boston, Massachusetts designed and developed the very first automatic transmission.  It had two forward speeds, selected by flight weights that were driven by the engine.  As the engine speed was increased, the high gear would engage.  Then, as the engine speed slowed, the gearbox would shift back to low.

Together with the Sturtevant designed internal combustion engine, automatic lubrication, vacuum brakes, and a body manufactured by another firm, the Sturtevant Automatic Automobile, the world’s first automatic, was marketed for upwards of six thousand dollars.

lithium carbonate car battery

Today, Sturtevant continues to influence the automobile industry as a supplier of process equipment that is setting the standard for battery-grade lithium carbonate production – a major component of automobile batteries.  Sturtevant, in conjunction with their strategic partner K.R. Komarek, have innovated the air classification/compaction/micronizing part of the battery-grade lithium carbonate production process.  Our approach to processing the lithium carbonate to battery-grade standards, has had a dramatic impact on the CAPEX and OPEX of lithium producing operations.

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