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Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate

If fine particles are good, are finer particles better?


The ongoing nanoparticle revolution continues to challenge fine powder producers with the pursuit for finer and finer particle size distributions.  The ultra-high surface-to-volume ratios of nanoparticles are very appealing to some producers.

PSD curve lithium carbonate

Will the future of battery grade lithium carbonate applications lead producers to pursue a finer particle size distribution?  If so, Sturtevant, Inc. is once again on the forefront and leading the charge.  Studies show that the industry leading, Micronizer Jet Mill can achieve an ultra-high surface area product that has a d97 = 5 micron, d90 = 4 micron and a d50 = 2 micron (2,000 nanometers).  Below is a particle size distribution curve produced on a 4” Micronizer in the Sturtevant R & D test laboratory.  The 4” Micronizer is completely scalable to larger production sized machines.

Sturtevant’s laboratory technicians will help to determine the most efficient processing technology to meet your lithium carbonate production needs. Sturtevant offers complete custom analytical services on certified and calibrated equipment to assist you in characterizing your lithium carbonate powders and a complete data report is provided.

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