Reduce LOI Carbon Content

Fly ash is produced by coal powered power plants during the combustion of coal. In the past, fly ash was dispersed into the atmosphere along with flue gases. Environmental agencies created laws to reduce fly ash emissions so now more than 65% of fly ash produced from coal power stations is disposed of in landfills and ash ponds.

Increases in landfill and disposal costs prompted the recycling of fly ash in portland cement, bricks, cinder blocks and other building materials. Recycling fly ash also reduces the demand for virgin materials that would need quarrying or other materials that may be energy-intensive to create.

Sturtevant’s Solution: Fly Ash Air Classification

Sturtevant Air Classifiers are able to control the fineness of fly ash by air separating it at 200-325 mesh (75-45 microns), thereby reducing the LOI carbon content by 50% or more to a level that is appropriate for use in cement, as a filler for land reclamation, soil improvement, lightweight aggregates, and agricultural uses.

Installations with Sturtevant Air Classifiers not only produce a saleable fly ash product, but also reduce the amount of fly ash that would otherwise fill up landfills by 50%. In addition, these systems save disposal costs and contribute to saving our environment.

Three Sturtevant Models are available to meet a variety of needs: