Sturtevant Inc.


FCM - Fine Classifier Mill

The FCM, an air-swept impact mill with integral classifier, grinds to low-micron range with tightest particle size distribution.

Features & Benefits:

• Combines impact milling and air classification technologies
• Air swept design prevents heat build up
• Low operational and maintenance costs
• Machine can be easily disassembled for cleaning and servicing
• Easily adjust PSD for efficient milling
• No screens to blind or tear.



The FCM Air Classifier is a classifying impact mill capable of reducing powders down to 10 microns. It is fast becoming the workhorse in particle size reduction applications due to its combination of impact milling and air classification technologies in a single unit. The FCM’s flexibility of operation allows it to easily process a multitude of product categories requiring efficient and economical particle size reduction for a broad range of industries including pharmaceutical, food, chemical, mineral and others.


The FCM Classifier Mill is a high speed impact mill with an internal air classifier. The material enters the grinding chamber through the feed inlet where it comes into contact with a series of spinning impact pins or blocks smashing the material into fine particles. The fine particles must pass through a cage of spinning blades, known as the “classifier wheel”. The wheel acts as a screen and only lets the particles that are small enough to pass through, it also rejects the large particles causing them to stay in the mill for additional grinding. The fine particles then exit the mill and are collected in a bag house product collector. Particle size is easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing the classifier speed, without mill shutdown to achieve the desired PSD. Other system parameters are easily adjusted to allow for tight control of product size for grinding and classifying of a variety of materials.