Air Classification, Compaction and Milling of Lithium Compounds for Battery Applications

Lithium carbonate is used in a variety of applications, including the pharmaceutical industry, the processing of aluminum and the production of cement. Heat-resistant ceramics and glass, lithium car batteries, and lithium-ion batteries and grease lubricants account for 75% of lithium production.

Typically reducing the particle size of lithium is expensive due to the amount of energy required in the process. Sturtevant has developed a way to reduce the amount of lithium that has to be milled and decrease the size of equipment needed to mill the product. The end result is a reduction of CAPEX and OPEX.

Sturtevant’s Lithium Carbonate Processing Solution:

The drying of lithium produces excess fines, if the percentage of fines is 20% or greater, then pre-classification is needed.  The SuperFine Air Classifier can successfully remove 30-40% of the lithium powder as battery grade product prior to milling. Only 60-70% of the lithium feed needs to be compacted and milled due to pre-classifying.

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  • Separation of Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate:

SuperFine Air Classifier

  • Briquetting & Compaction:

Komarek Roll Compactor

  • Milling of Battery Grade Lithium:

FCM Air Classifier Mill


Micronizer Jet Mill

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