Inventing the Micronizer® Jet Mill over 60 years ago makes Sturtevant the worldwide expert in fluid energy milling and the most popular choice for this technology worldwide.   No company has sold and engineered more fluid energy mills than Sturtevant.  The Micronizer® operates by particle-on-particle attrition to grind without the introduction of heat or wear into the grinding process and is capable of particle reduction to 250nm.

  • No dead zones to trap material, no moving parts to wear, no grinding media or lubrication to contaminate milled products
  • One step grinding and classifying in a continuous or batch process

Rigorously tested for complete scale-up from lab to production size with more sizes and options than any other fluid energy mill.

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A jet mill that employs a unique fluid energy grinding system to generate particle-on-particle impact.

Pharmaceutical Micronizer®

The first jet mill listed by the USDA for sanitary design and accessibility – perfect for critical materials like pharmaceuticals..

Steam Micronizer®

Super-heated, high pressure steam energy can be applied to the Micronizer® producing a rapidly rotating vortex in the grinding chamber.