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When Every Micron Matters

HANOVER, MA – Designed with the same configuration as larger production mills, the Qualification Micronizer® jet mill allows laboratories to develop powder formulations with desired fine particle sizes on a small scale before proceeding to trial and production quantities. Patented since 2004, Sturtevant’s Qualification Micronizer® is utilized by universities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and biotechnology companies for its testing capabilities and reliability.


Built for experimental batches of 5-20 grams, the versatile Qualification Micronizer® can mill up to half a pound of material per hour but can also handle feed rates as low as a few grams per hour to maximize sample recovery. The fines produced have a narrow particle size distribution and can be milled to diameters as small as a few microns. Compressed air or bottled gas is used to create a high velocity vortex within the Qualification Micronizer® that causes the particles to collide and disintegrate into tine spheres. This process generates no heat which could contaminate the sample material.

Rich Robatzek, Product Manager for Sturtevant, explains that the Qualification Micronizer® is “the perfect lab tool for API research and development” given the machine’s low energy consumption, its ability to mill down to nano size particles, and its USDA approved design.


Sturtevant Inc. is the leading family-owned manufacturer of material processing equipment including its patented Micronizer® jet mill which produces sub-micron sized particles, Powderizer® an air-swept impact mill with integral classifier, Simpactor® and Infestroyer, centrifugal, pin-type impact mills and three types of high performance air classifiers that separate fine and coarse particles with precision and accuracy.

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