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Chemical Free Alternative to Infestation Control

Hanover, MA – Since 1974, Sturtevant’s Infestroyer® has been offering a solution to destroying larvae, eggs, and insects in flour, bakery mixes, and other food products withouInfestroyer #15t the use of chemicals. The Infestroyer® is a centrifugal pin-type impact mill that utilizes a single set of whirling rotor pins to nullify infestations with a 100% kill rate. The Infestroyer® comes in three different models to accommodate a variety of feed capacities and allows for adjustments to the process while operating for optimal results.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, consumer demand for organic foods continues to show growth in the double digits¹. While the use of the Infestroyer® alone does not qualify a food product as being organically produced it can be a part of the process in meeting the expanding demand. For a food product to be considered organic, it has to be grown without the use of pesticides and the Infestroyer’s mechanical infestation kill does not require chemicals thus meeting one of the requirements.

Steve Puleo, Product Manager at Sturtevant, explains that the Infestroyer® offers “a more affordable option than often high priced chemicals and most see a return on investment in just nine months.” In addition to being less expensive than chemical treatments, the Infestroyer® is also safer sparing employees from exposure to pesticides.


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Sturtevant Inc. is the leading family-owned manufacturer of material processing equipment including its patented Micronizer® jet mill which produces sub-micron sized particles, Powderizer® an air-swept impact mill with integral classifier, Simpactor® and Infestroyer®, centrifugal, pin-type mills and three types of high performance air classifiers that separate fine and coarse particles with precision and accuracy.

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