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Aggregate Producer Chooses Air Separation Over Wet Washing

HANOVER, MA – When Allan Myers, an aggregates producer based in Pennsylvania, was preparing to open a new plant, they wanted to investigate an alternative to wet washing in order to remove fines from limestone. With the high price, and low availability, of water Allan Myers did not want to carry the continued business, and economic, costs to their new location. Their 18 Ft WWsearch led them to Sturtevant, based in Hanover, Massachusetts, and their Whirlwind Air Classifier.

The Whirlwind Air Classifier relies on air instead of water to remove minus 200 mesh from aggregates including limestone. The machine incorporates a speed self-contained fan and rejecter blade classification system that does not require cyclones, airlocks, or a baghouse to collect the fines thus cutting down on cost for auxiliary systems. To confirm that the Whirlwind Air
Classifier would work for their needs, Allan Myers opted for testing at Sturtevant’s fully equipped laboratory. The tests yielded positive results and the data was used to scale up to an 18′ model of the Whirlwind Air Classifier to accommodate desired capacity.

The result was a dry separator solution that did not require water to operate saving Allan Myers time and money including the need to treat the water before its contact with their product. Joe Muscolino, Senior Product Manager for Sturtevant, explains that he is seeing increased demand for alternatives to wet washing systems and that “dry separator options are the solutions for the future as the price of water continues to rise but its availability plummets.”

About Sturtevant

Sturtevant Inc. is the leading family-owned manufacturer of material processing equipment including its patented Micronizer® jet mill which produces sub-micron sized particles, Powderizer® an air-swept impact mill with integral classifier, Simpactor® and Infestroyer®, centrifugal, pin-type mills and three types of high performance air classifiers that separate fine and coarse particles with precision and accuracy.

For more information, check out our Whirlwind Air Classifier product page or please contact the company at 1-800-992-0209 or email sales[at] or visit You can also follow Sturtevant Inc. on Facebook and Twitter.

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