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Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate

If fine particles are good, are finer particles better? The ongoing nanoparticle revolution continues to challenge fine powder producers with the pursuit for finer and finer particle size distributions.  The ultra-high surface-to-volume ratios of nanoparticles are very appealing to some producers. Will the future of battery grade lithium carbonate applications lead producers to pursue a

Pre-Classifying Before Milling or Micronizing Lithium

Reducing any raw material in size is typically the most expensive part of any dry processing system.  This is due to the amount of energy required to breakdown larger particles into smaller particles.  So if you can reduce the amount of material that has to be subjected to milling, grinding or micronizing, then you will

Welcome to the Sturtevant Lab!

Why you should use it, what you get, and why it’s awesome! We encourage all of our customers to take the opportunity to visit our lab facilities and get some hands on experience and equipment operator training. You won’t be disappointed! Customers are also encouraged to test their material in our lab. Our testing facility