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Welcome to our blog!

It’s our first blog post…woo-hoo! We’ve been working with our web developer Emagine for the past several months. Emagine also designed our Sturtevant web site and our award winning Micronizer web site.

We’re so ambitious that not only are we launching the Sturtevant blog, but we’re also launching our Micronizer blog too. The Micronizer blog is specifically about our Micronizer and related markets.

You might be asking the following questions…

Who are you?

I am Sturtevant’s Marketing Manager, I’ve been with Sturtevant since 2013. My responsibilities include the company’s web sites, advertising, trade show planning, company literature, and to think of ways to better communicate with our customers like these blogs, for instance. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor in Business Administration and Marketing. I live in Massachusetts with my wife and two children and I am a sports fan.

What are you going to be blogging about?

We will be updating our blogs on a regular basis to keep our readers in touch with all the new things happening at Sturtevant as well as regular updates on the pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, animal feed processing, aggregates, and the other markets where we sell our size reduction and air classification equipment. There will be several contributors to this blog from marketing, sales, laboratory, manufacturing, and engineering departments offering their expertise on applications and Sturtevant products and services.

How can I get involved?

Our blogs feature links to easily share our posts through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media platforms. We encourage comments at the bottom of each blog. If you have something to share about the blog topic please share it through a comment. Feedback is appreciated and encouraged. We also encourage guest posting and sharing. Many of our customers are experts in their field. You can become a blog contributor and write guest posts. Just contact me and we’ll collaborate on a blog post.

Take a few moments and explore our blogs and our web sites, perhaps bookmark us, or add us to your favorites. There is plenty to tell you about so be sure to keep in touch and check back regularly for information important to you.

Many thanks and we look forward to giving you an insight into Sturtevant’s products and services.

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