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Sturtevant remains rooted in automobile technology with battery-grade lithium carbonate

Did you know? From the first automatic transmission to the latest version of electric vehicle batteries…Sturtevant remains rooted in automobile technology The modern-day automatic transmission can be traced all the way back to 1904 when T.J Sturtevant of the Sturtevant Mill Company located in Boston, Massachusetts designed and developed the very first automatic transmission.  It

Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate

If fine particles are good, are finer particles better? The ongoing nanoparticle revolution continues to challenge fine powder producers with the pursuit for finer and finer particle size distributions.  The ultra-high surface-to-volume ratios of nanoparticles are very appealing to some producers. Will the future of battery grade lithium carbonate applications lead producers to pursue a

The Lithium Triangle

Most of us are very familiar with the infamous “Bermuda Triangle” or the “Devil’s Triangle” as it is sometimes referred.  It is one of those unexplained mysteries that has seen planes, ships and people seemingly vanish into thin air.  The loosely defined area of the Western part of the North Atlantic has had a number

Pre-Classifying Before Milling or Micronizing Lithium

Reducing any raw material in size is typically the most expensive part of any dry processing system.  This is due to the amount of energy required to breakdown larger particles into smaller particles.  So if you can reduce the amount of material that has to be subjected to milling, grinding or micronizing, then you will

Redefining Lithium Carbonate Roll Compaction

As is the case with many raw materials, lithium carbonate micronizing efficiency can often times be improved by densifying the finely sized powders into granules. The industry leading K.R. Komarek Roll Compactor has become the industry standard for lithium carbonate processors.  The Roll Compactor takes the finely sized powders and compresses them into a solid

Sturtevant & Komarek Lock Arms

Sturtevant & Komarek, leaders in milling, air classification and compacting join forces to change the lithium carbonate market.  Sturtevant Inc., a Hanover, Massachusetts based manufacturer and global supplier of size reduction and air classification solutions is partnering with KR Komarek, a Wood Dale, Illinois based manufacturer and global supplier of custom briquetting and compacting solutions. 

Air Classification = Low Ash, High Protein Products

I  want to send out a big thank you to Tina Caparella, editor of Render magazine for publishing my article in the April issue called “Air Classification = Low Ash, High Protein Products.” The article was based on a white paper I wrote for the 2017 Australian Renderers Association 14th International Symposium where I spoke

What is a Micron anyway?

In the business of particle size reduction you may hear the word, ‘micron’ thrown around. So, what exactly is a micron, and how small is it? In the material reduction industry, micron size is a ‘big’ deal. Let’s take a step back and first define the word itself; ‘micron’ is a shortened word for ‘micrometer’,

Welcome to the Sturtevant Lab!

Why you should use it, what you get, and why it’s awesome! We encourage all of our customers to take the opportunity to visit our lab facilities and get some hands on experience and equipment operator training. You won’t be disappointed! Customers are also encouraged to test their material in our lab. Our testing facility

The Whirlwind Mobile Air Classifier; Your Questions Answered!

The Sturtevant Whirlwind Mobile Air Classifier is sturdy, compact and maneuverable on roadways and jobs sites AND takes LESS THAN ONE HOUR FROM PARKING TO START CLASSIFYING. Check out the FAQ’s below to learn more about the only self-contained, 100% mobile air classifying plant with integral collapsible conveyors. Why is a mobile classifier any better

10 Reasons to Choose Sturtevant’s Whirlwind Air Classifier to Remove Undesirable Fine Dust from Aggregates

There are many reasons why an aggregate producer should choose Sturtevant to help classify their tons of aggregate material, but if we had to separate just the top ten they’d look something like the below: Cost Savings: No settling ponds, dredging or land restoration Low Capital Cost: No auxiliary equipment needed, such as baghouse, screen,

December is Made in America Month

December is Made in America month. Sturtevant is a 5th generation American family owned company. Our air classifiers are made in America and we’re proud of that. Thomas L. Sturtevant founded the Sturtevant Mill Company in the state of Maine in 1883. Not long before the turn of the 19th century, the company moved to

Meet the Author – Jessica Suranyi-Hammond

Jessica Suranyi-Hammond is a Content Strategist at Sturtevant Inc. She is responsible for creating content to drive the inbound marketing strategy to draw customers to our products and services.  This includes content across a broad range of mediums including website, case studies, social media, press releases and other customer and partner facing material. Prior to

Who Benefits from Taking Protein Powders?

While protein powder certainly does help body builders and athletes, they are not the only people who can enjoy benefits from taking protein powders. In addition to body builders and athletes, the elderly, teenagers, those recovering from surgery/illness, and vegetarians or vegans can all experience positive effects from protein powders for a variety of reasons

The Expanding U.S. Kaolin Market Size

Kaolin is a soft, white clay and due to its’ usage in a variety of products including plastics, cement, ceramics, and cement the U.S. kaolin market size is expected to expand exponentially. According to Hexa Research, the U.S. kaolin market size is estimated to be 5,403.6 kilo tons in 2016 and believes it will continue

Throwback Thursday to the Second Exposition of Chemical Industries

Sturtevant was established in 1883 so we have over 134 years’ worth of Throwback Thursday material and are proud to share highlights from our long history. Today, we take you back 101 years ago to 1916 to the second Exposition of Chemical Industries. The first Exposition of Chemical Industries was hosted in New York in

Keeping Fly Ash Out of Landfills

Fly ash is one of the materials produced during the coal combustion process that is carried up in the flue gases and can be collected before exiting the stack using pollution control equipment including electrostatic precipitators or baghouses. In an effort to protect the environment, the importance of keeping fly ash out of landfills, or