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Who Benefits from Taking Protein Powders?

While protein powder certainly does help body builders and athletes, they are not the only people who can enjoy benefits from taking protein powders. In addition to body builders and athletes, the elderly, teenagers, those recovering from surgery/illness, and vegetarians or vegans can all experience positive effects from protein powders for a variety of reasons which we will address.

The first benefit we will cover is simply the positives from protein itself. Protein has a range of critical functions within our body including being used to repair and build tissues and also utilized for creating enzymes, hormones, and additional body chemicals. Supported by WebMD, protein is “an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.” Given its importance to many inner processes, understandably our bodies require a lot of protein which is often where protein powders can be used effectively.who benefits from taking protein powders

For the elderly, with diminished appetites, often times it is easier to gain calories and nutrition via drinking which is why protein powders mixed into liquid(s) are a solid source of protein and calories as part of an overall diet. On the other side of the coin, teenagers tend to have never ending appetites so shakes or beverages made with protein powders provide quick nutrition that can fit into their busy schedule while keeping them away from the temptations of a candy bar or a bag of chips. While whole foods are always the best option, there are often circumstances due to factors like lack of appetite, busy schedules, or time away from home that make protein powders a viable method to get much needed protein.

For those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, trying to get enough protein in their diet can be a struggle so protein powders offer an option. Whey protein is the best option for vegetarians because as Rebecca Mohning, a dietician in the Washington area, explains it’s “the gold standard. It’s a complete protein.” Whey is derived from milk so is not an option for vegans but they can choose to try rice, hemp, or pea protein instead.

The manufacturing process for creating protein powders can include multiple steps including particle size reduction and fractionation. The particle size reduction can be accomplished by the FCM Classifier Mill which can consistently reduce particle size of protein powder sources which brings the material one step closer to being able to be mixed into a nutritional drink. Following the particle reduction step, the SuperFine Air Classifier can fractionate the material to create a higher protein level product.

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