Does your Sturtevant machine need repair or overhaul? We can rebuild your Sturtevant processing equipment to original factory specifications to ensure continued productive, efficient and safe operation. Our experienced technicians are trained to fit, mount and, when required, balance the parts to our machines with the expertise that has given Sturtevant the reputation of manufacturing well-built processing machinery since 1883.

We will provide the same commitment to quality and service by which we manufacture and deliver the original machines. Sturtevant continues to strive to improve the productivity, quality and value of our new process equipment and replacement parts. Our state-of-the-art balancing capabilities for high speed rotating assemblies provide the accuracy for vibration-free operation. Also, design improvements for retrofitting existing equipment have been made recently to several of our product lines to increase performance and dependability.

Sturtevant’s in-house service starts with an inspection of your equipment to determine the extent of wear and/or damage. A detailed cost quote will then be provided defining the condition of the machine and the new parts and modifications (when applicable) required. Upon your authorization, we will assemble the unit to original specifications and, in many cases, test the equipment before returning it to you.